Surface Mount Technology Soldering

In the past, when I’ve done surface mount soldering, I’ve either used a hot air gun or my soldering iron on parts that I had access to, and avoided designing circuits that required QFN, DFN, LGA, BGA and etc. A few years back I invested in a 2000W cooking hot plate to allow me to use solder paste for those parts with no access underneath. I have yet to get my solder paste out of its’ tube and stumbled on a YouTube video showing how you can tin your pads with normal solder and re-flow in the same manner. This … Continue reading Surface Mount Technology Soldering

WareWare: OSHPark First Impressions

In order to make the WearWare: G-Force Data Logger as small as possible, home etching or milling was out of the question. I’ve wanted to have my own PCBs made by a fab house for quite a while, and although I have used Spirit Circuits Go-Naked service to make two layer PCBs before, they don’t come with a solder mask or silkscreen. I’ve looked at services such as Fusion PCB, Gold Phoenix and OSH Park in the past but never took the plunge before. To aid in the development of the WearWare: G-Force data logger it was decided that a … Continue reading WareWare: OSHPark First Impressions

Wearware: G-Force data logger: Update 1

The Wearware: G-Force data logger project has moved on since the last post, both in specification and status. It was envisaged that a PIC12F, and SD card and SPI Accelerometer would be used but after a few revisions and a little bit of software work it was decided to drop the FAT filesystem for the first prototype. This then left the method of getting data from the logger to a PC of some description up for debate. Should a simple UART be used with a UART -> USB cable which can be picked up on ebay for less than £2.00, … Continue reading Wearware: G-Force data logger: Update 1