Raspberry Pi 2 Nvidia Game Stream with OSMC

I recommending using the LUNA interface for new installs, as described here: Install OSMC to SD card Verify that OSMC works SSH into OSMC (Host osmc, Username osmc, Password osmc). Open Your Sources File sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list Add the following repository to the bottom of the list. deb http://archive.itimmer.nl/raspbian/moonlight jessie main Press Ctrl+X and hit enter to save Now update your OSMC instllation apt-get update apt-get install moonlight-embedded Now Install Moonlight-embedded sudo apt-get install moonlight-embedded Now lets install the kodi(GUI) interface. wget https://github.com/dodslaser/script.moonlight-osmc/releases/download/v0.3.3-alpha/script.moonlight-osmc-0.3.3.alpha.zip TBC

USB HID API + TDM32/64 + CodeBlocks + Windows 7

Developing embedded projects with USB requires host side software support. Most of my projects use the USB HID (Human Interface Device) class driver. To be able to comunicate with the device in my C/C++ programs I use the hidapi developed by signal11. You can find all of the files you need here: Github: hidapi After you download the software, you can read the various instructions on how to build the shared libraries as necessary. However, if you don’t mind linking directly into your program (Making it larger) then the process is much simpler. You only need the two files below!