UV Exposure Box

Purchasing a UV exposure box can be a very costly investment, so instead I made my own. Allowing me to build PCB to a fine detail using an inject printer, this UV exposure box was my last strip-board project. To make sure it is reliable I’ve added a safety cut out switch, LCD menu system and controllable timer to ensure consistent results.

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Behind the Scenes at Alton Towers

TH13TEEN Preview Weekend Visit

As many of you will know, the Alton Towers TH13TEEN preview weekend was cancelled due to technical difficulties.

Alton Towers, being who they are didn’t want to leave anyone disappointed and refunded everyone their tickets. Then they re-booked the entire event, although this time with free admission to the park and a fast track ticket for TH13TEEN. Also, guests were allowed to bring people with them, which is how I managed to attend the event.

The event started at 4pm in the hospitality suite located in the main park. The suite had been themed in a similar style to that of the ride itself, inclusive of the Rath actors.

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